Board Agenda

All Board meetings are held in the Floyd Administration Center, 1130 N. Salisbury Street, West Lafayette, Indiana, at 6:30 PM unless otherwise noted.  Other meetings may be scheduled as needed and will be posted publically in at least two public locations.  For more information contact 765-269-4002.  All School Board meetings will be scheduled for the 1st Monday of each month and/or possibly the 2nd Monday of each month when possible.  Board agenda's will be connected to each date.  Executive sessions will occur prior to a Board meeting or after the regular scheduled Board meeting.


Monday, November 6th 
6:30 P.M. - Regular Board Meeting @Floyd Administration Center   
                  Executive Session to follow 


12017_10_02 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting2017_10_02 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)50.19 kBSep 28, 201746 times
22017_09_05 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (Budget Hearing)2017_09_05 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (Budget Hearing) (View)261.71 kBSep 04, 201793 times
32017_08_23 Combined AGENDA Board Meeting 2017_08_23 Combined AGENDA Board Meeting (View)293.37 kBAug 29, 2017113 times
42017_08_07 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting2017_08_07 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)283.48 kBAug 29, 2017152 times
52017_06_05 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting 2017_06_05 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)269.1 kBAug 29, 2017333 times
62017_05_01 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting 2017_05_01 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)265.61 kBAug 29, 2017347 times
72017_04_03 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting2017_04_03 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)132.58 kBAug 29, 201780 times
82017_03_06 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting 2017_03_06 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)128.98 kBAug 29, 2017452 times
92017_02_22 AGENDA Work Session, Joint Collaboration 2017_02_22 AGENDA Work Session, Joint Collaboration (View)94.33 kBAug 29, 2017433 times
102017_02_06 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting 2017_02_06 AGENDA Regular Board Meeting (View)263.49 kBAug 29, 2017447 times
112017_01_09 Combined AGENDA  2017_01_09 Combined AGENDA (View)252.5 kBAug 29, 2017453 times


1AGENDA Special Board Mtg 11-21-16AGENDA Special Board Mtg 11-21-16 (View)256.21 kBMar 15, 2017454 times
2AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 11-07-16AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 11-07-16 (View)283.01 kBMar 15, 2017440 times
3AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 10-03-16AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 10-03-16 (View)76.93 kBMar 15, 2017430 times
4AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 09-06-16AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 09-06-16 (View)144.64 kBMar 15, 2017451 times
5AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 08-15-16rAGENDA Regular Board Mtg 08-15-16r (View)20.14 kBMar 15, 2017590 times
6AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 08-01-16AGENDA Regular Board Mtg 08-01-16 (View)170.77 kBMar 15, 2017447 times
7AGENDA Facilities Regular Board Mtg 10-03-16AGENDA Facilities Regular Board Mtg 10-03-16 (View)72.11 kBMar 15, 2017434 times

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