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   Dr. Rocky D. Killion       

Spring 2018

The West Lafayette Community School Corporation School of Board Trustees, administration and I are continuing our collective work on the “RDP” projects.  The new school, which was just named the “West Lafayette Intermediate School”, is ahead of schedule and under budget.  In the coming months, I anticipate announcing when the school will open, and the ribbon cutting ceremony activities that will precede its opening.


Construction has started at Cumberland Elementary School.  New classrooms are being added on the East side.  This summer, construction crews will begin renovating the inside of the school using two shifts for construction workers.  By the beginning of August, much of the internal work will be done.  Then, this fall, additional construction will commence on the West side of the school.


On May 7, 2018 the School Board will receive a final presentation on the Richard Wachs Aquatic Center and old pool infill project.  Bidding documents have been created by KJG/Schmidt & Associates Architecture and Kettlehut construction teams and will be received late April.  This information plus proposed construction schedule and alternative scheduling for the swim team during construction would be a part of this presentation.  Should the School Board approve the final plans, construction could start as early as late May with an anticipated completion date of summer 2019.


This fall the administration and I will present to the School Board plans for the next phase at the Jr/Sr High School construction, which includes remodeling the current cafeteria, remodeling the North end of the facility, and simultaneously beginning the funding phase of the James R. Guy Education Wing and the Robert Kelly Performing Arts Center.  Depending on the bonding capacity of the school district at that time, either the school district will be able to move forward with additional financial partnerships established including the West Lafayette Schools Education Foundation, or we may have to pause until the school district’s assess valuation slightly increases to complete the financial phase.  All of this will be reviewed this summer to determine the next steps.


After Happy Hollow is vacated, the administration and I will make several recommendations to the School Board to help offset some construction costs.  Several ideas are in the planning stages to partially utilize the working areas of the Happy Hollow School until such a time we are ready to move forward with the Early Childhood/Kindergarten Center discussions.



If you would like more information about the current construction projects, please visit   Also, if you ever have any questions, feel free to call my office at 765-269-4002.  RDP!





Rocky Killion


Superintendent of Schools




New Intermediate School
New Intermediate School 

Robert Kelly Performing Arts Center

  Performing Arts

Cumberland Elementary
New Cumberland

James Guy Education Wing
Education Wing

Richard Wachs Aquatic Center 
Aquatic Center


Additional Superintendent Articles

Welcome Back Everyone,


As we begin the 2014/2015 school year, I am mindful of the great challenges that lie ahead for our school district.  Currently, our school corporation leadership team, with the assistance of over forty community members, is carefully looking at our facilities.  Several of our facilities are nearing fifty-years of age and when they were built, the design and construction were definitely lacking for a public school.  Over the next school year, our facilities strategic planning group will consider all options to develop a long-term facilities plan for our school district.  The facilities planning group has made three global recommendations as we begin putting together this plan:


  1. Maintain WLCSC community schools
  2. Maintain, renovate or replace current buildings as appropriately supported by verification of need, and;
  3. Keep the school district tax rate at or below the current level.


I anticipate by the fall of 2015, our strategic facilities planning group will be ready for me to begin presenting our initial planning ideas to our community for feedback.  Then, based upon the feedback, we will regroup to finalize our plans for future implementation.  So stay tuned.


Another issue on the horizon is the expiration of our General Fund referendum.  I am thankful to our community for supporting our referendum request of a rate not to exceed $0.43 per $100 of assessed valuation which was approved by nearly a 2 to 1 margin back in May 2010.  Since then, our administration team and staff have worked diligently to bring down costs while at the same time trying to improve our education system for all of our children. 


I am pleased to report that we have thus far accomplished both.  Since the passage of our referendum, our rate has never exceeded $0.37 per $100 of assessed valuation, and we are maintaining quality class sizes while experiencing student enrollment growth of nearly 400 students over the past five years.  If we did not have the current referendum, our class sizes would be nearly 45 students per elementary classroom.  So I am very thankful to you for supporting a high quality education for all of our students.


I want to wish all of you a wonderful school year.  I truly believe the best is yet to come.




Dr. Rocky Killion

Superintendent of Schools

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