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High Ability Program

WLCSC recognizes that we have many high-achieving students in addition to those who meet nationally-recognized criteria for giftedness.
WLCSC student test scores on the ILEARN and SAT/ACT achievement tests of state standards regularly rank us among the top-performing districts in the state. The typical expectations and instructional levels in a WLCSC classroom are already high, and our curriculum is already both enriched and moving at an accelerated pace with differentiation for those above and below grade-level standards.

Our philosophy in WLCSC is to use formative assessment thoughtfully to match appropriately-challenging curriculum and experiences to every child, consistent with his or her abilities and leading to maximum growth. If that should ultimately lead to a high ability designation for a child, that is only one of many avenues to ensuring continuous progress and challenge. We have many others, including using technology as a resource for presenting advanced content grouping for instruction within classrooms, differentiation, additional enrichment projects and resources, leveled and guided reading groups, curriculum compacting, independent learning, student-driven inquiry on projects of choice/interest, and differentiation to meet needs involving other school professionals, adjustment of pace or materials, etc. It is not uncommon for parents to envision that the only way to meet a child’s needs is through testing and special placement. In fact, we meet the needs of highly-able students in WLCSC in many different ways as unique as each child who comes to us on a daily basis. In order to meet the needs of those students whose performance is consistent with nationally-recognized criteria for giftedness, we must provide them with advanced experiences beyond grade level curriculum—through acceleration and/or enrichment of the curriculum. We also must provide them with opportunities to interact with their intellectual peers.   

WLCSC uses a multifacted identification process through the administration of the Cognitive Abilities Test (CogAT®) and NWEA assessment. Other factors, such as teacher observation, parent observation, and student performance levels are considered during the identification process. The process of identifying students is multi-faceted and takes into account multiple measures. An identification team (experienced teachers, administrators, high ability licensed educators, etc.) considers all factors in a student’s profile before making a determination of placement. All students in grades K-7 are eligible yearly for consideration in the process. Students who are identified do not need to re-qualify from year to year unless concerns about performance or best fit arise. 

Please click here to read more information about our district's High Ability Plan.

Resources for Parents

High Ability Coordinators

Sara Delaney, Principal
West Lafayette Elementary
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Margaret Psarros, Principal
West Lafayette Intermediate
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