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School is Closed - Summer Break

Mission and Beliefs

Our mission is to engage students in a world-class educational experience that prepares them to be well-rounded, ethical, innovative, creative, productive, and adaptive citizens who will shape our global society.

We Believe

  • Our students are our foremost priority.
  • Highly effective faculty and staff are critical to our success.
  • Parenting and family support are fundamental to successful educational outcomes.
  • Public education is a shared resource and responsibility that defines and unites our community.
  • Student engagement in learning leads to higher achievement.
  • Academic excellence is the hallmark of our school corporation.
  • Public education’s primary purpose is to develop educated citizens.
  • Children deserve an equal opportunity to achieve their highest potential.
  • There is inherent worth and dignity in every person.
  • Students learn in different ways.
  • Accountability is critical to the success of our school corporation.
  • Involvement in extracurricular activities enhances the educational experience.
  • School safety is essential.
  • Public education contributes to the development of productive, ethical, adaptive, and healthy citizens.