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Special Education

thumb Johnson Shelby
Shelby Johnson
Director of Special Education
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West Lafayette Jr./Sr. High School

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Tracy Holdman
Special Education Coordinator K-6
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765-464-3212 West Lafayette Elementary School
765-746-0500 West Lafayette Intermediate School

Mission Statement

The Special Services Department’s purpose is to provide an appropriate education for students with disabilities in the least restrictive environment that will enable them to reach their potential, both academically and personally, and to become functioning members of society. We adhere to West Lafayette Community School District’s statement, “Our mission is to engage students in a world-class educational experience that prepares them to be well-rounded, ethical, innovative, creative, productive, and adaptive citizens who shape our global society.” 

To the maximum extent possible, students with disabilities will be provided the opportunity to be educated with age-appropriate non-disabled peers and will receive all necessary supports and services to benefit from their educational program.

The Special Services Department includes an administrator/coordinator, special education teachers, speech/language specialists, related services providers, and paraprofessionals. Together we plan and provide educational programs for students with disabilities in partnership with regular education staff, administration, and parents. We believe that each child has value and the ability to learn. It is our responsibility, along with the regular education staff, to foster within each child the belief in that value through discovering their talents, developing their skills, and encouraging self-confidence and independence. 

We believe in a strong partnership not only with the school-based team but the families. Families are a critical part of the team. They know their children best and have excellent insight into how to best support the educational process. Regular communication is an essential aspect of ensuring families are a part of the entire process. When challenges arise, we work closely as a team to problem-solve.

  • Everyone is united in a shared commitment to ensuring success for each child.
  • Children have access to general education curriculum with rigorous expectations and standards to create a better future for themselves and others.
  • There is a shared understanding among all staff, students, children, and families of expectations, roles, and responsibilities.
  • Everyone works together to set and achieve the highest possible standards, both academic and behavioral, and to be accountable for data-driven results.
  • Special education processes are participant-friendly, culturally responsive, and collaborative, focusing on the student/child’s strengths and needs.
  • Parents, students, and children are heard and understood, and their input is valued.
  • All staff are valued, as professionals, for their knowledge, experience, and competence.
  • A comprehensive range of instructional and related services, supports, and resources is provided to schools, staff, students, children, and families to meet students’ assessed needs.
  • Staff and families are supported, and best practices are promoted through comprehensive professional learning and family training opportunities.
  • Services are coordinated with Greater Lafayette Area Special Services (GLASS) to support students, children, and their families.
  • Students will be supported by continuously trained staff who provide differentiated instruction built upon each student’s specific needs.
  • As a department, we value, promote, and support students in obtaining their future vocational, educational, and independent living goals.

WLCSC Restraint and Seclusion Plan

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